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Stock Imprint Tamper Proof Locking Key Envelope (Form 625-130)
  • Stock Imprint Tamper Proof Locking Key Envelope (Form 625-130)
  • Stock Imprint Tamper Proof Locking Key Envelope (Form 625-130)
  • Stock Imprint Tamper Proof Locking Key Envelope (Form 625-130)

Stock Imprint Tamper Proof Locking Key Envelope (Form 625-130)

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3" x 3.5" with Permanent Peel & Seal Closure

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Introducing Security Reinvented: Tamper Evident Key Envelopes with Permanent Peel & Seal Closure!

Secure key management for pre-lease Safe Deposit Boxes boxes, with these Tamper Evident Key Envelopes is the newest cutting-edge solution. This envelope, crafted from heavyweight 140# Manila Index material, comes equipped with a 1" high Permanent Peel & Seal Closure – a feature that ensures both security and convenience in one innovative package.  At the heart of this new product is the utilization of a Permanent Peel & Seal Closure. Just like antiquated snap closures, this feature not only provides a secure seal upon closure but also ensures a permanent bond that cannot be tampered with or opened & resealed. This means that once the envelope is sealed, it stays sealed, offering an unparalleled level of tamper resistance.  There is no way to open the envelope without it being very obvious. This visible evidence of tampering serves as a deterrent, discouraging any unauthorized attempts to access the keys discreetly.

Use this Tamper Evident Key Envelope to house both assigned keys for leased boxes securely, before the box is leased to the customer. Placing the keys within this envelope adds a layer of protection, ensuring that they remain untouched until they reach the rightful customer. To receive the keys, the customer must sign a receipt directly on the Tamper Evident Envelope. This signature not only acknowledges the receipt but also acts as an additional layer of authentication, reinforcing the security measures in place, providing additional protection for your Bank or Credit Union.

Crafted from heavyweight 140# Manila Index material, the Tamper Evident Key Envelope is synonymous with durability. The robust construction ensures that the envelope can withstand the rigors of handling and storage, maintaining its integrity over time. This commitment to quality not only enhances the security of the keys but also reflects a dedication to your customers.

Incorporating the Tamper Evident Key Envelope into your security protocol is not just a practical choice; it is a strategic investment in customer trust and satisfaction. The Permanent Peel & Seal Closure, combined with the unmistakable signs of tampering, creates a comprehensive security system that instills confidence in the financial institution. Elevate your security standards with the newest Tamper Evident Key Envelopes.

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1" Permanent Peel & Seal Closure
Made from Heavyweight 140# Index
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Tamper Evident - Envelope shows obvious signs of tampering
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